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                                                  Congratulations on your new purchase !

First time flipper or not, your over all goal is to make a profit. Realistically, there aren’t many properties out there with potential for a profit that aren’t in need of repair. If you are intending on taking on the task to make the needed repairs on your own in hopes of increasing your profit, then my guess is that this is either your first time flipping a house or you are fully capable and have the necessary tools to do the work yourself.

Did I say Tools ?
Actually, I was referring to more than just drills, hammers and saws. I was more referring to things like Knowledge, Experience and Skills. Those are the tools you’re going to need if you’re going to turn a profit.
Almost anybody is capable of swinging a hammer and tearing out stuff and if you pay close attention to the DIY network shows, you might see that many people often make the mistake of creating more work for themselves. More work means more money spent. The more spent, need I say, the less your profit. If this important to you, then you need to give me a call.

Focus on the Fix !
There are many key elements and issues to take into account when you purchase a property. If you've already been through this process, you are likely aware of what those are. You likely also learned a few things from mistakes you might have made in the past. I honestly want to see you succeed !

But you will need ALL the right tools and know the right people !

What I can do for you
I will walk through your property with you and we will discuss your ideas and your budget. I will then make my recommendations and present you with my proposal. You can either tear it up or we can get going on the project. If you already have a project manager, then that's great. I'm not looking to manage things unless you need someone like that to help you. What I'm mainly interested in, is doing only what's necessary and preventing costly mistakes. I know what sells homes and I'm sure you do as well. However, If you believe in taking shortcuts and skimping on quality, then I AM NOT THE GUY FOR YOU !

We will discuss critical matters such as turn around time, quality of merchandise, workmanship, type of materials, color tones and decoration ideas. We will go over any questions or other  concerns you may have. We will determine priority and structural concerns if any. 

Potential Buyers
Your home is going to need to make a statement to any potential buyer. First impressions and quality workmanship go hand in hand. When a potential buyer approaches the property for the first time, What they see is going to be very important. How they feel once they walk inside the home is going to be even more important.

It all starts from the moment they walk through the door. That is where I begin !

Some buyers may or may not know what to look for, therefore it is best to just give them no reason to suspect anything other than piece of mind. If they start to see poor quality in one area, it will be easy for them to expect more of the same as they continue to walk through the home.

The most important thing to give them, is to give them what you would want. You wouldn't want to see work needing to be done. You won't be wanting to fix things and you would hope that the house is in


I could go on and on, but I hope I've said enough for now.

What will it cost ?

Initially, I charge $250.00 up front fee to go through your house with you and GUARANTEE you a full three hours of my time. I will prepare a detailed scope along with a written contract with all the details. In return for accepting the contract, I will apply a credit of  $500.00* to $1,000.00** right off the top of your labor. 

* $500.00 credit for total labor charges over $3,000.00

** $1,000.00 credit for total labor charges exceeding $6,000.00

Spending $250.00 up front with the understanding that you will make that money back and then some, is something you can't afford to pass up. My advice alone will most likely save you $250.00 even if you decide to not

sign a contract. Think about that !

*** Please allow 48 hours prior to desired date if possible ***

CALL   "JOE"   AT    847-791-1996    ( Please leave a message if I am not able to answer )

or e-mail me at   customersupport@homefixer4u.com