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Simple Basics - "Things you should know"

Handyman service calls mostly involve or require attention to matters that can be quickly resolved in a matter of one to three hours without taking up the entire day and don't require the need of heavy equipment or heavy power tools. Discounted hourly rates are applied when service calls require additional time and can be broken down into quarter hours. In the event that parts are needed to complete the repair, the travel time to locate and pick up the part is fairly split in half. ( Knowing ahead of time what the call entails can often result in preventing travel time which in turn will spare you any travel expenses ). Service calls don't typically take up the entire day although often enough the service or repair may require a second trip in which case a repair order is provided also referred to as a "written proposal" or work order which will include a total service fee for the labor. Out of pocket expenses for any materials or parts are always added to the labor with no up-charge fees. 

Written proposals are either provided at the time of the visit or are provided through your e-mail. Please do not call and ask for an estimate over the phone unless you want me to just throw out some huge number and hope you take it. Any experienced contractor knows better than to provide a price without looking at the work because conditions are not always the exact same.

Proposals are mostly provided in writing when home improvement and remodeling projects are needed. The larger the project is, the more attention is needed in order to prepare a proper proposal. Smaller projects that can be completed in a single day or two are often written up and provided on site at the time of the visit. Interior Painting proposals are often provided at the time of the visit.

Get it in writing - "Written Contracts" are the most important part for anyone looking to make improvements to their property. It is important to know what "IS" and what is "NOT" included. No matter how small the project may be, get something in writing! Even if it's in a text message, at least you have something to validate what was agreed. Your signed contract will become the only legal protection to help protect you in the event that something goes wrong.  Never assume it was included !

Contracts should include:

  • Names and addresses of all parties involved. ( customer - Liable for payment  and contractor- Liable for work )
  • Phone numbers and other contact options ( e-mail address and alternates )
  • Date of the proposal ( Issued )
  • Date of expiration ( If no expiration date is included, then there is no expiration )
  • The scope of the project ( Detailed explanation of the labor describing every aspect of what the project will include and require in order to complete each portion or segment of the job by the contractor. ) BEWARE - IF IT'S NOT LISTED, IT'S NOT INCLUDED !
  • The agreed amount for labor
  • Considerations towards material
  • Estimated time frame to complete ( Less any unexpected surprises ) 
  • Required deposits and payment terms
  • Terms and conditions
  • Exclusions ( If any )
  • Disposal fees ( Who Pays ? )
  • Permit fees ( Who Pays ? )
  • Delivery fees ( Who pays ? )


Sub contractors - When you sign a contract with a contractor to provide you with a service, it does not matter who performs that service. Just as long as the service was completed, the customer really has no control over who physically comes out to perform the work. The party providing the contract will become the only party liable for completing their end of that contract. Knowing who will actually be performing the work in your home should not be ignored or overlooked. Electing a contractor who subs out the work is perfectly fine just as long as you are clear and confident that your contractor will ultimately take full responsibility for any issues regarding workmanship, performance and satisfaction.  


Homefixer4u is an independent contractor that hardly ever resorts to the need of a sub contractor. However, at times in order to keep up with heavy work volume and or city regulations, Homefixer4u may be required to sub out work that involves major electrical, major plumbing and major HVAC work. Homefixeru fully stands behind and Guarantees any sub contracted work and does not hire any sub contractors who are not properly certified and or licensed and Insured to perform their line of work.

Why hire and pay a middle man to do things that I don't typically offer ?  See lower portion of my Home page.


Unforeseen Labor - No matter how detailed a contract may be, there is always a possibility that once everything has been signed and work has begun, there can always be that unknown pre existing issue that was concealed and impossible to predict. When and if this happens, the contractor has a few options to consider depending on the severity of the condition. If the customer is available at the time, the contractor should stop at that point, evaluate and determine how much more it will cost the customer and then inform the customer of what those charges will be in order to properly complete the repair. It is poor business practice to notify the customer of additional charges without first informing them that were unforeseen labor issues. Should a contractor fail to mention any unforeseen condition and elect to go ahead and complete the work anyway, then the customer should not be liable for additional labor charges. 

Avoid fraud and scams - I've been in this business long enough to hear numerous horror stories of people being taken advantage of and being left on the short end of the stick. An educated consumer takes the time to conduct a bit of research before making decisions on who they elect to hire. If your reading this, then you have the ability right now at your finger tips. Although you can't always believe in everything you find on the internet, you can validate a few facts about providers who work in good faith enough to make themselves visible to the public. This public resource of information is likely the best place to start. I have provide you with a few links at the top right of this page which will take you directly to another web site.  Aside from reading reviews on social networks, I recommend that you take some time to explore the provided links to research contractors you might be considering to hire. I further recommend that you follow through with what they claim to offer and ask for referrals of jobs they recently finished. Never surrender any payments without knowing who your dealing with.



LOCAL   ( Carpentersville )

Note: Homefixer4u,LLC will only apply for a license within a particular city when it it is required to do so in order to obtain a permit. In order to be licensed through your local municipality and be listed as a contractor on a permit, businesses are required to carry up to date liability insurance in addition to a possible bond certificate depending on the project being permitted. Please check with your local municipality for requirements and regulations.

Homefixer4u, LLC is licensed through the state of Illinois and has the legal right to operate within Illinois state boundaries. Homefixer4u,LLC currently carries a Fivestar Contractors Policy through Erie Insurance Exchange. Expiration 9-10-2018

The above information is provided by: Homefixer4u,LLC